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Writers who Tweet

A LiveJournal/Twitter networking community

Writers Using Twitter
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Writers who are using Twitter to post about their current and upcomming projects
writer_tweets is a community for writers who are using Twitter to provide insight into their projects and writing processes. From outlines, to revisions, to querying agents, why not tweet about it?

Though we ask that posting is restricted to writers, people with an interest in writing or the writing process are welcome to watch the community and the tweets that are promoted.

Not sure what Twitter is? From the Twitter website:

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

For more information on the service, please check the Twitter FAQ.

Community Rules:

1) You can be a first time writer or well established in the publishing world, but you should be working towards publication. This is not a community for fan fiction or general NaNo projects (NanNo projects are acceptable, however, if you have plans to try and turn them into saleable material).

2) writer_tweets is not restricted to writers of novel-length fiction. Journalists, poets, non-fiction writers, etc, are all welcome.

3) Your Tweets do not have to be restricted to your writing projects but your writing projects/process should make up a significant portion of your tweets (this can include tweets about the books you are reading – especially if they are about writing or publishing). Tweets about what you ate for breakfast are fine as long as there are tweets about that nifty query letter you sent out.

4)Editors, agents, and people who work in publishing are also welcome provided that a significant portion of their tweets are made up with content related to editing, publishing, etc.

5) Tweeting under a Pseudonym is perfectly acceptable.

6) Flaming and bashing will not be tolerated.

Posting Rules:

1) Promotion of your Twitter streams is perfectly acceptable and encouraged (the goal is to help members find Twitter streams that they would like to follow.

2) Discussion and questions about Twitter are perfectly alright.

3) General discussions about writing are also fine (though this is primarily a Twitter community).

4) Locked posts are perfectly acceptable.


It’s the internet. Neither writer_tweets or its maintainers are responsible for the content its members post or any result from said content being read. Do not share personal information that you do not want viewed. Do not share information about your projects that you are uncomfortable with the general public viewing.


Just sent a query to a new agent” is fairly anonymous.

Just sent a query to agent John Smith” is less so.

Not everyone is who they say they are. If some asks your for pages or a synopsis, do your homework. The same thing applies to personal information.